Protecting Your Ammunition And Keeping It Secure And Organized

For shooters that keep a lot of 9mm ammo on hand for weekend shooting or to be sure, they have it when needed, developing a way to ensure the ammo is safe, dry, and organized can be helpful. A 9mm ammo box can be a good option, and several different options may work in your situation.

Bulk Storage

When buying 9mm ammo in bulk, you will often be able to get it in a case pack filled with smaller boxes that hold the ammo in foam inserts. If you have space, you can store the ammo in the cardboard boxes, but often that takes a lot of room and means taking several boxes with you to the range. 

Storing the ammo in a 9mm ammo box will allow you to take more ammo with you at one time, and depending on the box style you choose, it can also be easier to organize. There are bulk ammo boxes designed to dump the ammo into and designs that allow you to place the ammo into the case with an insert similar to those in the boxes, so the ammo is separated and secure.

Shooters using one type of ammunition may choose the larger ammo box that allows them to fill it quickly and take it to the range. However, for shooters testing different ammo options or self-loaded rounds, a box that will enable them to segregate the various loads and keep track of what they are shooting is often more attractive.

Securing Ammo

Once you fill your 9mm ammo box, securing it may be a priority for you. Most containers can lock them either by adding a padlock to the case or through an integrated lock system on the box itself. The ammo box style often dictates the locking method available, so look for a 9mm ammo box design with the capacity you need and the locking method that works for your situation. 

Securing your ammunition is essential and will ensure it is ready to use when you need it, but it can also keep people out of the boxes that should not be handling your ammo. This is especially important if you have children in your home or anyone who cannot understand the safety required with firearms and their use.

Purchasing Ammo Boxes

When you are ready to buy a 9mm ammo box, your local gun shop or outdoor outfitter will have several different boxes to choose from. Ammo boxes are relatively inexpensive and can be a massive help for shooters, but finding one right for you is the best place to start. Most of the boxes come with rubber seals to keep moisture out and are made from high-density plastic, so they are durable and help prevent rust or corrosion inside the case.