Three Things You Might Need To Bring On Your White Water Rafting Trip

White water rafting is an exceptionally fun and truly exhilarating experience that you will be hard-pressed to recreate doing anything else across America. The strength of the waves and the beauty of the surrounding nature is really breathtaking. However, you still need to consider the mundane logistics of your white water rafting trip, and it is important that you don't get carried away by becoming too excited and not preparing well enough. If you prepare well, the day will be a breeze and fun from beginning to end, so here are a few things you should remember to bring to make that happen.

Change Of Clothes 

You are going to get wet while white water rafting, and that is part of the fun. Sometimes you might even get completely submerged. If the white water rafting location is quite far from where you are staying (which it often is) then you want to be warm and comfortable on your ride home, not shivering in wet clothes. This is especially true in colder temperatures or during the winter months. While it may seem like a sunny day and you might think you can get away with it, it is simply pragmatic to bring a change of clothes.


In the more remote regions, where white water rafting is commonly located, a lot of stores and services will prefer cash over card. Sometimes they won't even have the facilities to accept cards. While you have already paid for your trip, you may find that you want a light meal, snack, drink, or even a memento of your time there, and all those items are usually not included in the overall price of your white water rafting trip. Taking a few bills with you to ensure that you can enjoy the day more thoroughly and not feel like you are missing out is always a good idea.

Sunscreen And Water

You are going to be out on the open water for hours at a time, not to mention all the rest of the time spent outside preparing. The last thing you want is to get sunburnt and feel crispy and uncomfortable on the drive home. While some tour operators provide sunscreen, you cannot count on that, so it always pays to bring a good bottle with you. Also, bringing cheap sunglasses that will help ease the glare while enjoying the trip is a wise idea, and bring plenty of water because white water rafting is quite strenuous work!