Benefits of a Collapsible Fishing Rod

Most fishing rods consist of two peoples that you can connect together before you begin to fish. Other fishing rods are one piece and collapsible. Such rods are of a standard length when they're extended, but are considerably shorter once you collapse them. When you shop at a fishing gear store, you'll undoubtedly see this style of rod. While other rods' benefits might stand out to you, there are lots of advantages of using a telescoping fishing rod — including the following.

Ideal for Transporting

Even when you break a conventional fishing rod down into two pieces, it can still be bulky. Typically, each piece of the rod will still measure several feet in length. A collapsible fishing rod is much shorter once you collapse it, which makes this device much easier for transporting. Whether you need to fit it in the trunk or across the backseat of a small vehicle, or you're traveling on public transportation and don't want to inadvertently hit a fellow passenger, this rod will be easy to control. Additionally, if you're making your way to a fishing spot through a heavily wooded area, the compact nature of the collapsible rod will make it easier to walk.

Effective on a Boat

Fishing on a boat with several other people can present some challenges. Namely, you have to be careful to avoid hitting another angler with your rod when you're casting, fighting to reel in a fish, or even changing lures. While you'll want to use your collapsible fishing rod at full extension for the most part, a boat environment may be a good opportunity to reduce its length slightly. For example, if you shrink the length of the rod by even a foot or two, you'll still be able to use it for fishing — but it won't be as dangerous to those around you.

Useful for Ice Fishing

Angling enthusiasts often have separate rods for summer fishing and wintertime ice fishing, but it doesn't have to be this way. Ice fishing requires a short rod, given that you sit adjacent to your hole so that you can look down into it. Instead of investing in a separate fishing rod to use over the winter, consider the idea of employing your collapsible rod for this purpose. When it's down to its collapsed position, it will be approximately the same length as an ice fishing rod.

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