Your Golf Tee Placement Device Can Be Handy For These Tasks, Too

People who are elderly or who have sore backs can often benefit from buying a golf tee placement device — a long implement that allows them to set their golf tee and ball in the ground before teeing off. This tool fits easily in your golf bag and can be an asset before you tee off at each hole. You don't have to use this device only before you tee off, however. It can come in handy a number of other times throughout your round of golf. Here are some other tasks for which your placement device can be an asset.

Picking Up Your Tee

The fingers on the end of the golf tee placement device aren't just good for pushing your tee and ball into the ground. After you tee off, you can use the device to pick up your tee. If bending to tee up your ball is difficult, bending to collect the tee after you make your shot will be equally challenging. Your device will allow you to easily pick up your tee so that you can use it again. Or, if the tee is broken, you can pick it up to dispose of it in the trashcan nearby.

Retrieving Your Ball

There may be times that you can use your golf tee placement device to retrieve your ball from awkward locations. For example, if it has made its way under a tree and it's impossible for you to make your shot from this location, the conventional approach is to get the ball, move it a club's length back from its current spot, and take your shot from there. Unfortunately, if the ball is difficult to reach, you may not be able to get it. Your placement device can help you to get the ball out from under the tree and into a place where you can hit it.

Collecting Garbage

Every golfer — and especially those who are members at a club — has a responsibility to keep the course clean for the other players who use it. Sometimes, you'll be eating a granola bar or another snack and accidentally drop something. If you struggle to bend over, you might use this as justification for not cleaning up after yourself. However, when you have a golf tee placement device, you can easily use this tool to pick up the wrapper so that you can deposit it in a trashcan nearby.

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