A Springfield Hellcat Grip Could Lead To More Relaxing Range Time

The Springfield Hellcat 9mm draws attention as a 9mm concealed carry pistol that possesses a high-capacity magazine. Getting the most out of any gun requires spending time at the range practicing. For some, they may find their accuracy and even comfort improves by adding a custom grip. Perhaps the "relaxing" aspect of spending time at the range may improve, too. As with archery, pistol shooting provides some relaxation and a chance at feeling optimistic about performance improvement. [Read More]

Athletes Can Fundraise for Their Teams on Social Media

Sports teams don't always focus on sports, and social networks don't always revolve around socializing. Sometimes, athletes can band together on social media for fundraising endeavors. A well-managed social media profile can connect athletes in local areas to raise money for a cause. Social media campaigns might prove less costly and more successful than knocking on doors or spending money on flyer ads. The ability to engage athletes in real-time also assists the cause. [Read More]

Why You Should Use A Reloading Trickler

As a gun owner and enthusiast, you might have never had too many problems with reloading your gun. You might not even realize that there are various accessories out there that can help you with reloading your weapon, or you might simply think that it isn't necessary to purchase any of these accessories. However, if you don't already have a reloading trickler, now might be a good time for you to buy one. [Read More]

The Importance Of Staying Hidden

Experienced hunters of waterfowl will tell you that ducks see incredibly well. Even without knowing the science behind the way ducks' vision works, they'll have experienced the results of their keen eyes. Ducks can see 2-3 times farther than humans, and they have the ability to see into the ultraviolet light spectrum, something humans can't do. In practical terms, this means that a duck can see you before you can see it, possibly by the light bouncing off your face or glasses. [Read More]