The Importance Of Staying Hidden

Experienced hunters of waterfowl will tell you that ducks see incredibly well. Even without knowing the science behind the way ducks' vision works, they'll have experienced the results of their keen eyes. Ducks can see 2-3 times farther than humans, and they have the ability to see into the ultraviolet light spectrum, something humans can't do. In practical terms, this means that a duck can see you before you can see it, possibly by the light bouncing off your face or glasses. Light reflectivity is something that ducks are particularly sensitive to.

Hunting ducks from a boat gives you a lot of freedom that you otherwise wouldn't have when hunting, but that does mean you need to be more aware of your surroundings and the display you're presenting to a creature that sees farther than you, both in distance and in the visible light spectrum. Understanding this can help you get a superior blind set up for your boat. In understanding how a duck's vision is different from yours, you can better prepare your blind.

To start with, you should probably do some research into what seeing in UV would look like. There are UV camera lenses if you want to be really thorough, but just a quick search of UV photography can give you a really good idea without having to spend money. Take a quick look at human faces under UV, especially those that are wearing sunscreen. You ought to be wearing it if you want to keep duck hunting for years to come, but to a duck, your face looks like a shiny 8-ball. Revealing your face to a duck too soon can spook it. You likely already know, but the best blind setup in the world can be ruined because of human failings. Firing too soon, even looking up too soon and exposing your face, can ruin your shot.

Fortunately, the makers of blinds and blind materials are aware of the science behind how duck vision works, and many of the manufacturers take this into account.

When getting the blind together, you need to be aware of where you're going to be hunting. If your camouflage is designed for the wrong kind of wetland, you might not see a duck all day. Remember, they can see further, so you might want to do some recon on where you're planning to set up, just to be sure you're getting the right kind of camo for your boat.

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