Are You Looking For A Fun Way To Relax With The Family In The Evening? 3 Light Up Soccer Ball Games To Play

With the recent coronavirus spread, more families are practicing social distancing by staying at home. While this opens up plenty of room for family bonding, it is also common for parents to struggle with finding ways to keep their kids entertained. As a general rule, kids tend to love things that light up and glow. These three games are all perfect for playing with a light up soccer ball in new ways that will have your kids excited to go outside and burn off some energy.

Go Glow Bowling

This game requires very little setup, but your kids will enjoy playing it for hours. Just add some glow sticks to empty water bottles to use as the pins, and see who can knock the most down with their light up ball. For an alternative game, you can have the members of your family stand in as pins. Just make sure that whoever is bowling uses a gentle technique to lightly hit each person's feet. When they do manage to bump someone, they switch places so that the former pin now becomes the bowler.

Make Whoever Is "It" Lit

Playing tag is a game that most kids enjoy playing during their childhood. While running around and chasing each other is a great way to burn off energy, kids sometimes get frustrated when they have to be "It." A light up soccer ball is the perfect way to make this game more fun. Simply instruct the person who is tagging to carry the ball and tap the person on the arm or back when they get close enough. It'll also make it more interesting to see how the other players respond when they can see the tagger more clearly. If your kids get bored with tag, then they can play hide and seek in a similar way. The hiders will love being able to see the seeker so that they know when it might be safe to change their position.

Do a Hoop Challenge

This game can be played with a hula hoop, or you can make your own with glow sticks to keep the light up theme going. Simply hang a hoop from a tree branch in your yard or another sturdy surface that is a safe distance away from anything that is breakable. Then take turns trying to kick the ball through the hoop. To increase the challenge, hang the hoop up like you would a piñata so that it is easily raised and lowered. The winner is the person who gets the most balls into the hoop at the highest level.

To find out more about how to have more fun at home, look into getting a light up soccer ball for activities.